Martes de Poesía #3 ~ Piececitos

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17th enero 2012


Piececitos de niño,
azulosos de frío,
¡cómo os ven y no os cubren,
Dios mío!

¡Piececitos heridos
por los guijarros todos,
ultrajados de nieves
y lodos!

El hombre ciego ignora
que por donde pasáis,
una flor de luz viva

que allí donde ponéis
la plantita sangrante,
el nardo nace más

Sed, puesto que marcháis
por los caminos rectos,
heroicos como sois

Piececitos de niño,
dos joyitas sufrientes,
¡cómo pasan sin veros
las gentes!

Gabriela Mistral
Poeta Chilena

Sobre la poeta
Lucila de María del Perpetuo Socorro Godoy Alcayaga, conocida por su seudónimo Gabriela Mistral, nació en Vicuña el 7 de abril de 1889 y falleció en Nueva York el 10 de enero de 1957, fue una destacada poetisa, diplomática, feminista, y pedagoga chilena. Gabriela Mistral, una de las principales figuras de la literatura chilena y latinoamericana, fue la primera persona de América Latina en ganar el Premio Nobel de Literatura, el cual recibió en 1945.

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Succulent Sunday ~ Fried Rice

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15th enero 2012

When it comes to small children as our loved AbiCool, we have to look for all the possible ways to make them eat more vegetables and that is not a huge ordeal. Fried rice is one of those dishes, which make it easier to feed the little ones with something nutritious, and at the same time gets their attention because of how colorful it is.

This recipe is a combination of the version of the Chinese dish we know here in the United States, but with variations in terms of the use of oil and salt to make it healthier and adequate for all in the family. Is also very good to prepare when entertaining since you can prepare in advance, leaving the vegetables and white rice ready and only mix it when is almost time to eat. Good eats!

With love,



Fried Rice

This are shrimp flakes, they are sold where Chinese products are sold. You just have to fry them and are good to accompany this dish, plus it adds more color.

1 lb rice
1 lb chicken (boneless)
2 medium onions
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
1/2 small cabbage
1/4 lb bean sprout
1/2 lb shrimp
1-bunch scallions
1-bunch cilantro
2 garlic cloves
1/4-cup oil
2 celery sticks


Wash all vegetables and cut them in small chunks; then prepare the white rice without oil or salt and leaving it firm enough to later add the vegetables. Wash and season the chicken to our taste and cook in a saucepan with a bit of oil and adding water. Once the chicken is ready, take the bone out and cut in small chunks.

After having the vegetables and the chicken ready, heat a saucepan (or a wok if you have one) and add small amounts of oil to then add onion, pepper and the other vegetables in small portions and continue to mix it with the rice, the chicken and the pre-cooked shrimp, adding soy sauce until it take the desire color. Repeat this process with small portions of each thing until you finish with all the materials.

This dish can be served with accompanying salad and lentils.

Serves: 6 portions
It’s made: In 1 hour


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Domingo Delicioso ~ Arroz Frito

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15th enero 2012

Cuando se trata de niños pequeños como nuestra querida AbiCool, tenemos que buscar todas las maneras posibles de que coman más vegetales y no sea toda una odisea. El arroz frito es uno de esos platos que nos facilitan el trabajo para alimentar a los chiquillos algo nutritivo y que a ellos les llame la atención por lo colorido del mismo.

Esta receta es una combinación de la versión del plato chino que conocemos aquí en Estados Unidos, pero con variaciones en cuanto al uso de aceite y sal para hacerlo más saludable y adecuado para todos en la familia. Es también muy bueno prepararlo para cuando tenemos invitados ya que parte del trabajo se puede hacer por adelantado, dejando los vegetales y al arroz blanco preparado y luego mezclarlo cuando sea casi hora de la comida. ¡Buen provecho!

Con cariño,


Arroz Frito

Estás son hojuelas de camarones, las venden en tiendas donde venden productos chinos. Sólo hay que freírlas y son buenas para acompañar este plato, además de agregarle color.

1 lb arroz
1 lb pollo (deshuesado)
2 cebollas medianas
1 pimiento verde
1 pimiento rojo
1/2 repollo pequeño
1/4 lb judías germinadas (bean sprout)
1/2 lb camarones
1 pq puerro
1 ramita de cilantro
2 dientes de ajo
1/4 taza de aceite
2 tallos de apio
Salsa de soya al gusto

Lavar todos los vegetales y picarlos pequeños; luego preparar el arroz blanco sin agregarle sal ni aceite y dejándolo suficientemente firme para luego agregarle los vegetales.

Lavar y sazonar el pollo a su gusto y cocinarlo en una sartén con un poquito de aceite y agregándole agua. Una vez que esté listo, deshuesar y cortar en pedacitos pequeños.

Después que tener los vegetales y el pollo listos, calentar una sartén (o un wok si tienen uno) y echar pequeñas cantidades de aceite para luego ir agregando cebolla, ají y los demás vegetales en pequeñas porciones e irlo mezclando con el arroz, el pollo y los camarones precocidos, agregándole salsa de soya hasta que tome el color deseado. Repetir el proceso con pequeñas porciones de cada cosa hasta terminar todos los materiales.

Este plato se puede servir con ensalada y lentejas como acompañamiento.

Sirve: 6 porciones
Se prepara: En 1 hora

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More tablets, courtesy of Rafflecopter

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14th enero 2012

As you”ve probably noticed since last November I”ve been participating of giveaways that are a bit different than the regular ones because they use the Rafflecopter application so participants can do their entries. I think you”d agree that this way is very simple to be part of a giveaway and to make all the entries at the same time within the same form.

This application started less than a year ago and it is truly a way that for me as a blogger and for participants to simplify the whole process. Up until now I had not organize a giveaway directly, but I intend to do my giveaways like that in the future since I just found out that they are launching the use of the application for the general public and totally free.

Rafflecopter has been used and tested in more than 80,000 giveaways and now they are using a new version and making it available for all of us. To celebrate such an important event, they decided to organize their own giveaway and share the joy with us.

To make things more interesting, and since nowadays technology has such important role that we feel more and more the need to own a portable computer, they decided to giveaway several Kindle Fire tablets and one 16G-iPad2. Yes, that”s right! That”s why when I received the email with this opportunity I had to share with you all.

By entering this giveaway you”ll be participating for the chance to be one of the lucky winners; on my part I”ll be crossing my fingers because if someone I”ve recommended wins, they”ll give me a Kindle as well! It”s a win-win situation!


What you have to do

You have to say who referred you to the giveaway and with that you”ll be participating: “I learned about this giveaway from Dania Santana from La Familia Cool”s blog: link.

Alternative entries
Send a tweet about this giveaway
Follow Rafflecopter on Twitter
Look for their mascot and suggest a name for it
If you have a blog, publish their widget on your site

This giveaway ends on February 9, 2012 at 12:01 a.m. EST and is open to United State and Canadian residents.

Good luck!

Disclosure clarification: I did not receive any monetary compensation to publish the information of this giveaway. The opinions expressed before are mine and were not edited by third parties. This post is part of my entries that make me eligible to win one of the gifts from such giveaway. If one of the entrants in the giveaway participates by my recommendation and they win, I will receive a Kindle Fire as an award for promoting the giveaway. I am making this disclosure clarification in accordance with article 16 CFR, part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” of the Federal Trade Commissions.

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Rejecting my granny’s inheritance

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12th enero 2012

In other occasions I’ve mentioned that my grandmother is also my mother who raised me and that I have receive from her thousands of good things and memories that will stay with me always. However, like in other Latino families, from grandma I have also inherit my bad eating habits that little by little were getting me in route to inherit the family’s illnesses.

Despite the fact that I have yet to fully eliminate such habits, fortunately my mentality has change and I am determined to modify my life, not only to lose weight but for my overall wellbeing. I have to admit that this consciousness I did not developed on my own or with the learning you would think should come with many years of getting on and off diets.

Unfortunately, that wake-up call came hand in hand with a very difficult moment. During the summer of 2010, my grandmother went from being “healthy” to terribly ill and near death. Her disease, high blood pressured added to an abusive use of salt and a high-fat diet, made her heart weak and stop functioning properly.

Teaching by example from what we put on the table to the time we spend engaging in physical activity versus the time we spend in front of the TV or the computer screen, is the best way we can embed those habits in our children. If they grow in an environment like that, it will be for them the only lifestyle possible; that is precisely one of my goals for this year 2012.

The change

Fortunately my grandmother continues to be with us, but this experience definitely changed my way of thinking in regards to what I eat, and especially my sodium consumption. To achieve a change in lifestyle is not easy, my strategy is to begin with three basic changes following the recommendations from the experts:

  • Reduce salt. The American Heart Association recommends we should not exceed more than 1,500 milligrams of sodium a day. These are 1.5 grams, which is less than half a teaspoon. I know is hard to lower the taste buds, it has been for me; but I guarantee you that when you do, you’ll notice the difference.
  • Reduce sugar. Sugar, like salt, when ingested in excess has a harmful effect that provokes multiple diseases. The American heart Association recommends not exceeding 8 teaspoons of sugar a day. No soft drinks!
  • Let’s get moving. Lastly, the third change, but not of less importance, is physical activity. Yes, you can do your cardio dancing, walking or with aerobic, that does not matter. But it is basic you do a minimum of half an hour 4 times a week to be able to take advantage of the benefits of exercising.

I challenge you to dare to implement these changes for you and your entire family and if you feel you are lacking motivation, I have to tell you that just yesterday a new TV show started yesterday in Univision in which you can see the transformations of participants through exercise and good nutrition. “Dale con Ganas” (Give it your all) has the same concept of The Biggest Loser, but we will have it available with the opportunity of enjoying it in Spanish at 10 PM.

If you are also interested in talking about this subject and learn more information about how to create more healthy habits for you and your family, I invite you to the Twitter party that will be held tonight at 9:45 PM EST. You just have to use the hashtag #LATISM to participate. See you there!

Disclosure clarification: This article is part of a campaign sponsored by LATISM to promote a healthy lifestyle within the Latino community.  The opinions expressed before are mine and were not edited by third parties.

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