Protecting ourselves from the sun brings health and beauty

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3rd febrero 2012

Last week I attended the Difference in Beauty event from Neutrogena at a hotel here in New York City and I have to confess that I came out of there with my eyes wide open in regards to what’s needed in caring for our skin. My beauty routine, if any, is limited to washing my face, not wearing makeup most days and using sunscreen…when I remember.

However, after listening the stats (myths aside) about things that are harmful to our skin I remembered my 17 year old self, telling my friend Anne that she was exagerating with the sunblock thing. Even worse, soon came the memories of the numerous times that I was at Boca Chica Beach pouring coca cola over my body to make sure I’ll burn even more and I clearly see how dangerous is the lack of information and knowledge.

That’s why I want to share with you what I learned that day since there is nothing more dangerous than the lack of knowlege. Even if it sound cliche beauty is health and health provides us beauty. I’ve always purchase Neutrogena products, by Anne’s recommendation who’s always been knowledgable about the latest, but the truth is I don’t use them as I should. That was my main teaching, the challenge, from that rainy Thursday: sunscreen is to be used always.

Myth vs reality
The presentation made by dermatologist Tanya Kormelli, M.D. and the Director of Scientific Engagement, Warren Wallo, combined  the data about skin health with information about Neutrogena’s technology and advances in response to the skin care needs among the Latino community.

One of the greatest myths within our community that I, like many other Hispanics, also believed to be true was that because we are darker that gave us greater protection against the sun rays and pusshed the risk of getting cancer from us somehow. Reality is that even thought the incidence of skin cancer is lower in the colored population, the numbers are not so far from those of white patients.

Also, studies show that darker skin has higher levels of inflammation and a lower ability to protect from it. There are several forms of skin cancer, but at the event they concentrated on three of them; the first one is Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) which is the most common among Hispanics in the United States with 2 million cases registered on 2010.

Number two was Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC), second most common form among Hispanic patients, with 250,000 cases registered each year. The third, was Melanoma, which is less common than BCC and SCC and is not so common among Latinos (but there are cases) but it is also the most agressive and considered lethal.

What this data means is that we should concentrate on prevention, using a broad spectrum sunscreen daily and avoid exposing to the sun when is in its stronger to avoid falling in any of those three categories. But also, it means we should get checked once a year in case we do get one of them so the probabilities of treatment and survival are so much higher when is found earlier.

Why Neutrogena?
As I’ve learned more about the brand and the science behind it involving the creation of the products, it has been a reconfirmation to continue to use them. That is speaking in general about the wide array of products they have in the market. When it comes to sunscreen in specific there are a few strong reasons to prefer them:

  • Is the #1 recommended brand by dermatologist to their patients over any other
  • Dermatologist use Neutrogena sunscrean for their own families more often than any other brand
  • Dermatologist prefer to use Neutrogena on themselves over any other brand
  • Dermatologist use Helioplex for their families mre than any other ingredient/technology

Recuerden hay que usar protector solar siempre sin importar el clima afuera, ya que aún cuando está nublado los rayos penetran en nuestra piel.

Disclosure clarification: I did not receive any monetary compensation to write this post. I was invited to an event where this presentation was given. The opinions expressed before are mine and were not edited by third parties. I only recommend products or services in which I believe and consider appropriate for children and families. I am making this disclosure clarification in accordance with article 16 CFR, part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” of the Federal Trade Commissions.


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Domingo Delicioso ~ Pan de Linaza y Nuez

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5th febrero 2012

Entramos en febrero y aquí en la casa de La Familia Cool hemos estado muy ocupados, trabajo, proyectos y los NiñosCool que siempre nos mantienen activos me tuvieron alejada de la página las pasadas dos semanas. Pero ustedes todos saben que el secreto de mantener la familia unida y poder hacer es un poquito de todo es saber cuándo es momento de hacer una pausa en algo que nos gusta mucho -como es compartir con ustedes- y atender a las necesidades de la vida familiar.

Después de esa pequeña pausa, decidimos volver y traerles la receta de hoy que les ayudará a consumir pan de una manera más saludable, fresca y con el toque que tiene cualquier cosa que hagamos con nuestras propias manos con amor. Este pan lo aprendí viendo uno de mis canales favoritos, Utilísima, y es de la autoría de Cristian Gastelum, pero ya la he practicado muchas veces aquí en casa y a todos les encanta. ¡Disfrútenla!

Con cariño,


Pan de Linaza y Nuez


Para el fermento
40 g levadura
1 cda azúcar
1/2 taza de agua tibia

Para la masa
1,240 g de harina
200 g harina integral
2 cdas azúcar negra
1/2 cda sal
2 tazas agua
240 g aceite
60 g almendras
1 huevo
130 g linaza



Para el fermento
En una cacerola, mezclar la levadura, el azúcar y el agua tibia. Dejar fermentar en un lugar cálido hasta que duplique su volumen.

Para la masa
En una cacerola grande, combinar las harinas y el azúcar negra. Reservar. Disolver la sal en el agua. Hidratar la mezcla de harinas y azúcar con el agua hasta formar una masa lisa.  Incorporar el aceite, las nueces y la linaza. Agregar el fermento y trabajar hasta obtener una masa bien lisa y elástica. Dejar descansar.

Dividir la masa en tres pedazos y formar rollos; con los tres rollos hacer una trenza y unir ambas extremidades formando una rosca. Dejar fermentar hasta duplicar el volumen. Antes de hornear, pincelar el pan con huevo batido y semillas de linaza. Hornear a 180°C por 30 minutos o hasta que el pan esté cocido y bien dorado.

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Succulent Sunday ~ Linseed and Nuts Bread

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5th febrero 2012

We are already in February and here at La Familia Cool’s household we’ve been very busy, work, projects and the CoolKids that always keep us active had me away from the site for the last two weeks. But you all know that the secret to keeping the family together and still be able to do a bit of everything is to know when is time to pause on something we like a lot -like sharing with you- and answer the needs of family life.

After a small pause, we decided to come back and bring you today’s recipe that will help you eat bread in a healthier fashion, fresh and with the touch that anything we do with our own hands with love. This bread I learned watching one of my favorite channels, Utilísima, and is from Cristian Gastelum, but I have practice it many times here at home and everyone loves it. Enjoy!

With love,


Linseed and Nuts Bread


For the fermentation
40 g dry yeast
1 tbsp sugar
1/2-cup warm water

For the dough
1,240 g white flour
200 g wheat flour
2 tbsp brown sugar
1/2 tbsp salt
2 cups water
240 g oil
60 g walnuts
1 egg
130 g linseeds



For the fermentation
In a bowl, mix the yeast, sugar and the warm water. Leave it until fermentation in a warm place until the volume has duplicated.

For the dough
In a big bowl, combine the flours and the brown sugar. Reserve. Dissolve the salt with the water. Hydrate the mix of flours and sugar with water until it forms uniform dough. Incorporate the oil, the nuts and the linseeds. Add the fermented mix and work on it until you obtain smooth and elastic dough. Leave to rest.

Divide the dough in three parts and form rolls; with the three rolls make a plait and add the two ends forming a donut. Leave it fermenting until the volume is duplicated. Before you bake it, using a brush paint the beat egg and linseeds. Bake to 180°C for 30 minutes or until the bread is completely cooked and brown.

Serves: 10 portions
It’s made: In 3 hours

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Regalo de San Valentín: ¡Los invito al cine!

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7th febrero 2012

La película Titanic ha sido sin dudas una de las más vistas de las últimas décadas y para nosotras las chicas siempre una de esas historias románticas y fáciles que nos llegan. Es por eso que cuando nuestros amigos de Paramount Pictures me extendieron la invitación para que ustedes vayan a ver la versión en tercera dimensión que tendrán en los cines, my respuesta fue un inmediato ¡sí!

La película será exhibida de manera especial en Manhattan y estará predecida de un evento en el que las parejas disfrutarán y podrán recibir regalos. Es la velada perfecta para un martes por la noche y puede ser el comienzo de la celebración para las parejas, amistades e incluso hermanas.

Titanic 3D
Cuándo: Martes 14 de febrero
Hora: La recepción comienza a las 6 de la tarde y la película a las 7 de la noche.
Para reservar: Sólo tienes que hacer clic en este enlace:
O, puedes ir a la página: y reservar con el código: MBLOGSWPB0

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Valentine’s gift: I invite you to the movies!

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7th febrero 2012

The movie Titanic has been without a doubt one of the most watched of the last few decades and for us girls is always one of those romantic stories that are easy and get to us.  That’s why when our friends at Paramount Pictures extended an invitation for all of you to go watch the 3D version that will be soon theaters; my answer was an immediate yes!

The movie will be exhibit on a special screening in Manhattan and first the will be a reception in which couples will enjoy and receive gifts. It’s the perfect date night for a Tuesday night and it can be the beginning of the celebration for couples, friends and even sisters.

Titanic 3D

When: Tuesday, February 14
Time: Reception starts at 6 p.m. and the movie at 7 p.m.
To RSVP: You only have to click this link:

Or, you can go to the website: and RSVP with the code: MBLOGSWPB0

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